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Việc khiến cho QA Member (for Japanese Products) - VietnamWorks

- Basic knowledge of Test (Experienced for 1 year –)
- Reading and Writing Japanese well.(N3- is better)
- Basic English communication (easy writing and easy reading)
- Pay attention to detail
- Redmine, Google docs, Office software
- Priority women, Graduated from Colleges or Universities
University of Information Technology
University of Technologyệt Nam/en
University of Science
- Good team player
- Able to work under pressure with positive attitude towards the team

Salary: 400 – 1000 đô la (agreed at the interview)
Great chances to learn new skills and gain valuable experience, receive a number of other benefits as follows:
• Experience to work at Japanese company, and you will get practical Japanese skills about speaking, listening, writing and reading in the WEB industry
• Opportunities to go on business trip to Japan (If your evaluation of work performance is excellent)
• Company activities: badminton & football clubs, Japanese Class, events, company trip, small party
• Additional Healthcare Insurance, annual health check-up
• Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays / Public Holidays and Annual paid leave (12days)
• Salary increase: once a year
• Bonus: once a year (Tet bonus)

n03level, n02cấp độ, JapaneseClass, VisitJapan, 170206, 170207, 170208

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