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Việc khiến cho Project Manager (for Newly Set Up Organization Management) - VietnamWorks

We are establishing our factory in VSIP 2A, Binh Duong and are looking for a PROJECT MANAGER (for Early Organization Management) who will be part of developing our new org, influencing the culture of our new org.
Reporting line: Factory Director
No. of subordinates: None

Job Responsibilities:
You will take a lead & drive the establishment of the organization including the following but not limited to:
 Develop system and structure to secure competence in time for production start of Tetra Pak Binh Duong.
 With Support from Project management, EEM project leaders and managers develop Tetra Pak Binh Duong behavioural frame work.
 Organise introduction seminars including Tetra Pak history, culture, Product knowledge, Safety, Environmental as well as behavioural introduction.
 Build Competence and skill frame work with the support from EEM project leaders and other parts of Tetra Pak organisation:
o Define competences for each role and groups of roles.
o Define and execute training plans for all employees.
o Develop and execute verification of defined competences following individual đào tạo plan.
o Secure recourses: trainer, đào tạo material, skill verification tool.
o Define and secure training locations.
o Develop and execute cost effective travel plans.

 Define, plan and execute the WCM knowledge đào tạo initiative with the support of local as well as cluster and global WCM network.
o Basic WCM knowledge
o AM training
o Pillar đào tạo to pillar members
o Lead E&T pillar and become pillar member in AM pillar
 Develop the roles and responsibility frame work for the organization by involvement with site management.
 Be part of recruitment process

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