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Việc làm Expert, Quality Management - VietnamWorks

1. Product Quality Control
• Control and conduct Buy-off inspection the finished Bus.
• Detect, follow-up and monitor all technical alterations, engineering changes, holomogation and preventive information.
• Detect the non-conformity products and parts and follow up the correction.
• Follow up the rework process and re-check the product

2. Quality Improvement
• Standardize and update the process and product audit check lists, work instructions and procedures.
• Evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of corrective and preventive actions.
• Participate in preparation and implementation of quality procedures, work instructions.
• Ensure the inspection tools/equipment are calibrated

3. Reporting, communication and compliance
• Daily report to supervisor the status of Buy-off inspection result and correction action.
• Inform and comment any potential reasons causing serious defects or damages to supervisor.
• Effectively communicate to SAMCO to any problem-solving related to product quality.
• Contact with Daimler experts for updating and aligning the product quality standard and requirements.

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