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Việc làm cho Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Manager - VietnamWorks

Our client is a leading International Asset Management company looking for an outstanding and experienced candidate to fill the position of an Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Manager to join our Việt Nam based team of high acquisition, cooperation and continued learning.

The Job description includes the following but is not limited to the specifications contained herein.

- Participate in updating company’s ESG strategies, policies, procedures and implementation plans.
- Collect, follow and review selected third parties’ E, S and G reports on Việt Nam and related sectors
- Conduct needed and related researches and studies on ESG issues at sector and company levels for our client
- Manage the integration of ESG considerations into the whole investment process. Review and sign off their ESG works, including the ESG assessment part in investment/divestment proposals
- Maintain, update and provide guidance and assistance to investment analysts to do the controversial practices screening
- Manage and update the ESG Checklist, Industrial ESG Benchmarks and other ESG Toolkits.
- Maintain and develop communication and long term relationships with international organizations whose main focus is ESG
- Participate and maintain a network with international and local organizations in Vn who are interested in sustainable development and ESG.
- Develop, participate and maintain a network with responsible investors and like-minded brokers and other professionals and institutions in the financial market
- Conduct orientation and đào tạo on ESG for the company and its investee companies.
- Provide coaching for investment analysts on ESG related tools, skills, techniques and approaches on investment process including screening, due diligence, analysis, proposals, engagement and communication.

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