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Việc khiến cho Expert, SAP & MRP - VietnamWorks

1. Material Planning
• Based on BOM and 12 MPP to forecast the consumable materials requirement for the next 12 months, confirm order for next 3 months.
• Analyse the updated 12 MPP and BOM to identify the demand of all consumption materials, define the consequence.
• Manage the stock cấp độ to ensure the low volume inventory.
• Analyse the changing in the demand and escalate in time.
• Update the lead time and alteration.
• Contact local suppliers regarding the delivery schedule
• Order Consumption materials to ensure enough for production.

2. Call off Contracts
• Ensure all PRs are issued in time for call off contract.
• Ensure all needed materials are listed in the call off contract.
• Create orders for all consumption of all lines. Ensure order acknowledgements are matching with order. Escalate and propose solution for all deviation.
• Ensure all contracts always available for all call off orders.
• Contact local and overseas suppliers regarding the delivery schedule

3. SAP Controlling
• Responsible for all status of truyền bá, PO, GR are updated on SAP system to ensure information timely and exactly.
• Ensure time closing SAP of Accounting at the end of monthly and ensure matching between warehouse inventory and SAP data.
• Attend every đào tạo courses related to SAP. Train for staffs if any.

4. ED Coating Customer Controlling
• Ensure information for Debit Note for outside ED Coating customers accurately and in time.
• Manage all payment request and co-operate with Finance Dept. to ensure payment for suppliers in time without late term of payment and affect to progress of goods delivery.

5. Evaluation supplier performance
• Co-operate to evaluate supplier performance and report in time for improvement and next selection.

6. Health - Safety - Environment
• Comply with Daimler standard of HSE

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