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Việc khiến cho Business Analyst – Dlp Requirement Specification - VietnamWorks

Primary purpose of the role
The Business Analyst is needed to provide a more detailed view of the required functionality for the DLP Platform, to hand over to the development team for Công nghệ Thông tin build.
This will involve gaining an understanding of the subject area, and expanding on the existing high cấp độ requirements. The Business Analyst will need to work with a variety of stakeholders to get their input, analyse and synthesise this information, and produce documentation to describe the functional needs of the DLP Platform. The Business Analyst must be comfortable with less than a full understanding – but must be confident in their ability to track down answers.

Key responsibilities
• Expand on current high cấp độ functional requirements, leveraging “user stories” as the documentation approach
• Work on contextualising lending in Vietnam, be able to review and collate legal and regulatory requirements including reporting needs, and convert these to “user stories”
• Identify gaps in understanding, and find resources to answer questions/fill in the gaps.
• Analyse and consolidate information to develop DLP Platform detailed functional requirements.
• Document detailed requirements from a business & customer perspective.
• Document acceptance criteria (effectively the tests that will be applied to know whether a requirement has been met).
• Manage requirement repository, keep records of origination, changes, review feedback, etc
• Facilitate requirements gathering and validation processes with internal and external stakeholders
• Assist product managers and project managers to produce relevant documents, such as issue paper, process definition, analysis reports, and test reports.

Key challenges
• Quickly gain an understanding of digital lending, based on existing knowledge of conventional lending
• Establish relationships with stakeholders to develop trust and ensure reliable and accurate information.
• Distil business needs, maintaining a “customer first” approach.
• Cope with uncertainty, ambiguity and contradictions.

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