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Việc làm Expert IS Tester Tool Cart - VietnamWorks

1. Ensure Non-Stop Production:
- Monitor system periodically, look for abnormal points which can make
the equipment malfunction, record the situation and recommend for
backup solution.
- Analyze and make troubleshooting for IS-Tester & Tool Cart.
- Contact to Daimler field experts or manufacturer for information

2. Manage maintenance of IS-Tester & Tool Cart & prepare spare parts:
- Schedule and organize the maintenance plan.
- Coordinate with related section to perform maintenance works.
- Follow-up the maintenance, record list for periodically monitoring
and keep IS-Tester & Tool Cart machines in operating condition.
- Analyze, prepare spare part list.
- Order spare parts and make replacement if necessary.

3. Develop the IS-Tester & Tool Cart:
- Analyze the improving requirements. Thiết kế, suggest solutions for the
update. Present thiết kế for approval by TD management team.
- Coordinate with manufacturer to implement the approved thiết kế.
- Commission to ensure system in modernization status.

4. Implement new IS-Tester & Tool Cart machines:
- Analyze the requirements. Calculate needed technical parameter.
- Receive the new machine design and analyze. Make proposal in
necessary. Present to get approval.
- Commission new machines and receive handover from supplier.

5. Analyze and report:
- Record periodically the equipment status and troubleshooting.
- Analyze, summarize and prepare monthly report of IS-Tester &
Tool Cart machines.

6. Other Product Engineering works:
- Work with process engineer, production and Quality Management to
set technical standard.
- Any other engineering work as required.

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