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Việc khiến Vietnamworks Cần tuyển Sales Team Leader - VietnamWorks

We are looking for strong, savvy Telesales Team Leader who will manage activities related to sales for the website, and other related services if required, including managing and maintaining part of a team of sales professionals by ensuring full sales staffs in place at all times and strategic and tactical priorities are met.

• Promote & build awareness of VietnamWorks’s capabilities to an existing client or prospective client
• Assist with division / company business development needs
• Develop the business, build up/maintain good clients relationship
• Collect/relay market information to superior maximizing business opportunities
• Cooperate & synergize with other leaders and managers (BOM) to meet corporate objectives and ensure active sales pipeline (i.e. Individual & team)

• Lead a team and develop a business plan to achieve the given target
• Select and attract talents according to business plan
• Educate & train staff continuously to make sure they do their jobs in the right way effectively
• Monitor staff’s activities to achieve the assigned target and measure team performance
• Recognize & reward sale members to maximize sales performance
• Accept other given duties and involve in projects assigned by management

Successful candidate will have the chances to:
• Learn and improve professional management skill, selling skills & other skills by international standard
• Earn as much as you can

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