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Tlm Trading CO., LtdSJ15, Block C, Riverside Residence, Nguyen Luong Bang St., Tan Phu Ward, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam

Tên người địa chỉ: Ms.Tram
Qui mô tổ chức kinh doanh: 25-99

TLM TRADING CO., LTD is one of the major distributors of cosmetics and other consumer goods in HOME SHOPPING in Vietnam. We meet the needs of millions of consumers, offering a value proposition based on quality at competitive prices.
We have off-line shop in NOWZONE and dealing with LAZADA Vn
We are dedicated in using its resources to gain market share aggressively in the years to come. We strive to promote our quality brands with our knowledge of this market place.
TLM TRADING CO., LTD is proud of its accomplishments to this date and is ready to take advantage of new challenges to come, while expanding and strengthen into new horizons of our business.
The basic function of the company is to source, market and distribute the best quality products from both the domestic and overseas markets.
We provide constant đào tạo and support to our sales force providing them with the backup required to penetrate this market place while increasing our client base daily and keeping the old clients always satisfied of our quality service. We are very eager to support providing top quality sales and specifically designed for the distribution industry.

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