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Việc làm cho [HEINEKEN] Compensation and Benefit Manager - VietnamWorks

Report to: HR Manager
Department: HR & Admin

The position has full responsibility of developing and implementing the company compensation, benefit’s, reward and recognition strategy and programs to meet the company objectives as well as to gain the competitive advantage in the

1. Develop and implement Compensation & Benefit Strategy
- Develop and implement the company's compensation & benefit strategy and policies on salary, incentives/ bonus,
reward and recognition (R&R) and other benefits such as health insurance, motor vehicles, staff events, etc.
- Analyse and evaluate both internal and external market data to support planning cycle for labor cost.
- Work with external consultants and suppliers on the services of compensation and benefits (e.g. with Mercer on
annual compensation survey, with AON on insurance program for employees, etc.).
- Execute international mobility schemes for those who work under mobility assignment.
- Conduct job evaluation, job benchmarking and apply grading structure.

2. Manage employee relation issues
- Review and update the company’s Internal Labour Rules & Collective Labor Agreement and register with local
authority (if required).
- Ensure the employee discipline process and procedures are up to date.
- Implementation of discipline/ rewarding process in relations to employees, trade union, legal aspects and local

3. Manage HR information system and HR reports
- Manage HR information system to make sure all employee information is accurate.
- Manage monthly payroll, insurance and PIT (Personal Income Tax) for both local employees and expats.
- Make sure all HR reports (e.g. employee report in CIL system, PIT report, etc.) are correct and submit on time.

4. Employee Development
- Supervises subordinates' activities to ensure C&B plans to be carried out properly and effectively.
- Develops subordinate(s) to ensure his/her (their) career path.

5. Others
- Take initiative & implementation of staff activities & team building programs.

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