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Việc làm cho Garments Merchandising Manager - VietnamWorks

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•To keep communications among teams in Trung Quốc headquarters(fabric/accessories department, sample making department, QC department, etc), EU/America customers and Vietnamese supplier factories.
•to develop all types of samples required by the customer (including material from suppliers that approved or nominated by customer). Material should be developed on time and right from the beginning.
• Make FOB, C M price: Comparison of validity of the BOM level, proto sample. Send the price according to the leadtime, to be approved prices and bring profit to the company. Take orders from customers and achieve the assigned capacity.
• Work with supplier to achieve price, leadtime, quality, service, payment, tolerance ... are the best for the company.
• Provide to supplier factory: the leadtime of develop stage/ order material/ mass production and also Original sample, PP sample, BOM, Spec, detail information changes or comments to technical section and QC section.
• Arrange, deploy and preside the production preparing meetings between merchandiser and supplier factories.
• Relaying the merchandise plan to the customers who, in turn, can decide on what products, styles, colours etc to purchase and from which suppliers, at what price.
• Devising a contract for the suppliers including quality control, accuracy and flexibility.
• Keep tracking and assistance to the supplier factories' import and export process.

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