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Advanced Technical Leader, Huvis Water Always Gives You Happiness

Huvis Water Corporation takes pride in its role as a pioneer in the field of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment since its establishment in 1959. Equipped with its organizational experience and technical knowhow accumulated through decades of unabated dedication, Huvis Water has achieved countless technological breakthroughs and successfully managed all phases of challenging major projects.

Huvis Water is capable of carrying out water or wastewater treatment projects on the Turnkey or the Build-Own-Operate-and-Transfer(BOOT) model, which covers all phases of the project including thiết kế, purchase, manufacture, installation, supervision, and operation and maintenance. Huvis Water channels all its efforts and resources into developing the water and wastewater treatment technologies that are capable of meeting today's more expanded and more rigorous requirements.

Not contenting itself with its present technological expertise or status in the industry, Huvis Water has determined to continue its investment not only in R&D but also in fostering excellence in the human resource, aspiring to lead the water and wastewater treatment technologies.

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