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Việc khiến cho [HEINEKEN] Head of Public Affairs - VietnamWorks

Report to: Corporate Relations Director
Department: Corporate Relations

- Build the desired positive reputation for HEINEKEN Vietnam.
- Protect HEINEKEN Vietnam’s licence to operate.
- Support and influence external agendas to create positive conditions for growth.

1. Create a long term and one-year public affairs agenda to address key risks and market opportunities.
- A clear, prioritized and funded roadmap for action that is focused on key issues and opportunities.
2. Identify the key national policy and political opportunities and risks that impact short and long-term
business goals, including draft Alcohol Law, tax stamps and production licences.
- A clear risk map and well informed senior stakeholders.
3. Assess public policy developments that impact our business and develop clear plans to mitigate those
risks. Build and maintain dialogue with public decision makers and non-governmental organisations.
Influence regulators and the political decision making process.
- Protection of commercial freedom and licence to operate. Appropriate and effective alcohol policy and
fair treatment of beer in terms of excise.
4. Engage senior internal stakeholders on external developments that impact the business to ensure
understanding and awareness and impact on commercial priorities.
- Considered decision making, taking trương mục of external impacts in strategy and planning processes.

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